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Posted by magiclocket on 2010.02.07 at 19:34
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Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: It's A Game
Heh, so does anyone watch things like that? Get together with family or friends and scream for your team to win with all the life you've got?

Or do you prefer to watch something else these times a day? *cough*Likethepuppybowl*cough* X'D
What do you do on big game says like the superbowl (no matter the sport)?


Xmas wish lists

Posted by drakrrth on 2009.12.15 at 16:28
Current Mood: amusedamused
'Tis the season to be... cold...

Christmas is almost here, and it's the time for presents. And also the time when children write long letters to Santa (which get mailed to Norway - seriously!) about how good (or not-bad) they've been and what they want for Christmas.

I'm interested as to what the furs here want for Christmas, so that's what I'm going to ask: If you had your own list, what would you wish for?

Posted by snarky_fox on 2009.11.04 at 02:49
Anyone participating in NaNoWriMo?
I am! The first chapter/first two pages of my novel are on my LJ if you wanna check it out. ^.~

Posted by snarky_fox on 2009.10.14 at 13:48
Okay, since at this point not much damage can be done to this com I'm gonna ask a question that just popped into my head.

We're all teenagers right? And everyone knows most teenagers do bad things. Be it pranks, underaged activities, sneaking out at night, etc...

So, what have YOU all done that most would consider 'bad'?
have you ever been caught?
By who?

Whatever is posted should NOT be flamed. Respect everyones choices and keep in mind that you don't know them so whatever you say is not going to change their mind and it will only cause drama to say what they did was wrong. Thats the POINT of the post. XD

As for me... >:3 Well...

I've lied about where I was MANY times to go to parties on campus. (I live in a big college town.)
Once I lied so I could go out with my friend on her birthday. We took hallucinogenic research chemicals and then stayed at this hot rich kids house.

I smoke weed all the time and I love to rave. I've take ecstasy once.

I've tripped acid twice, and mushrooms once.

I've also smoked my share of weed and eaten several pot brownies while working at a kids camp.

I've only been caught once during all of this and it was for weed. Blew over pretty quickly.

So post away!
I'd love to hear what everyone else has been up to. ^.~


Stress test

Posted by drakrrth on 2009.09.23 at 20:59
Current Mood: stressedstressed
It's been a long time since I posted here. Ever since, well, THAT incident.

Anyway, this is just a more-or-less random question: How do you all deal with stress?

I normally (try to) cope by playing computer games, but my mom's unhappy over it. So I've taken to writing TF and reading books. And blasting music at 80 or so decibels.

BTW, that cute plushie icon happens to be something I recently got. Another random fact.

Finally, there's another fur on board, if you haven't noticed. I'm not sure if he'll post his intro post, but I do hope he does. Soon.


What would you do if...?

Posted by magiclocket on 2009.09.13 at 01:58
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Everything you know is wrong

you woke up one day and you learned typing keys worked in real life?
Okay that wasn't understandable...What I mean is what would you do if things like Ctrl+Alt+Delete worked in real life?
Not just that but like Cut&Paste, Backspace, Caps lock...that such.

What would you do? And which would you try out?

I would enjoy having the backspace button in case I made a huge mistake or said something that came out the wrong way (broke something for example, or 'Edit' XD).


Dreams and meanings?

Posted by magiclocket on 2009.08.06 at 16:29
Current Mood: curiouscurious
Current Music: Sweet Dreams =D

Now, I'm not asking what a dream is, but rather do you think there is a meaning to things you dream of?
Do you dream at all? If so of what? Do they come out in a unique way (like in third perspective/ movie style/ your eyes)?
If you don't, do you wonder why?

Like for instance; I had a dream (In movie style) I was sitting in my family's laundry room getting advice from the washing machine about how to live a better life.

Do you think there is meaning behind this? Or was it a demonstration of what odd things i can dream of? X3

1. Answer my question if you would kindly :3
2. If you'd like, give an example of something you have dreamt of.
3. Give a meaning to (if you can) what that dream ment/stood for/was about. ORE say it was just an odd dream.



Posted by drakrrth on 2009.07.26 at 13:22
Current Mood: blankblank
With the recent diagnosis of my elder brother with H1N1, I'm just wondering how you all are handling the current crisis and if there are any cases "close to home".

Because I find that I'm not really bothered at all - we have no underlying medical conditions, no illnesses, etc - but my younger brother has taken the complete opposite view, if you know what I mean.



Posted by drakrrth on 2009.07.10 at 22:41
Current Mood: awakeawake
Well, I think I'm sane enough to post again.

Theoratically, as furries, we act out as a certain animal, or fursona. But what animal do you really identify with, as a sort of "totem" if you will? It may or may not be the same as your fursona species.

I don't know if this has been asked before, but I doubt it was very recent.

Posted by furry_oboist on 2009.07.01 at 23:43
I'm done with my current username and you won't be seeing me around anymore. I have switched to "ksgfoboe13" so if you get a random friend request that's me. Let's all keep in touch =) 

Peace y'all.

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