Teen Furs

Furries Aged 13 to 19!

Teen Furries
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A place for furries aged 13 to 19 years old.
For a lack of known LiveJournal Communities and groups dedicated and made solely for the younger population of furries, Teen Furs has been made. Sometimes, us teens just need a break from the older, more populous members of the Furry Fandom!

I ask that these small, simple guidelines are followed to the best of your abilities.

1)Age: As stated, this is a group for and ONLY for teen furs aged thirteen to nineteen years of age.
2)Safety: For the younger teen members, respect of others, and for legal purposes DO NOT post any material that is explicit or yiffy. This includes any form of art. Keep it PG-13!
3)Topics: As this is a community for teen furries, the topic of posts should generally be related to the furry fandom. But posting other things is completely fine!
4) Spam: Please refrain from posting spam here. Introduction posts or posts intending to ask a question are fine, but please only posts things a paragraph or longer in length to make it easier to surf the community and to reduce the amount of spam.

Have fun and keep it clean!